Raw Pet Food Diet

Raw Diet Pet Food Products

Raw Pet Food Diet

Hills Foods is a leading supplier of premium raw diet pet food meat and bones to pet food companies and animal owners in Vancouver, BC. As a pet food product, naturally nutritious raw meat and bones continues to grow in popularity as more and more owners are made aware of the additives found in traditional pet foods, some of which may not agree with your pet.

In fact, to many supporters, a raw dog food diet is the healthiest way to feed your pet, resulting in:

  • Shinier coats
  • Healthier skin
  • Cleaner teeth, and
  • Higher energy levels

For those wanting more information on these particular diets, please read the article on Raw Dog Food Diet published by WebMD.

As a premium meat supplier, Hills Foods prepares its all-natural pet and raw diet dog food products from 100% “human grade” meat, meaning that only the finest meats available for human consumption are found in our high-quality pet food products.

As the largest supplier of certified organic meats and poultry, wild game and other specialty meat products for human consumption in Western Canada, our company has grown to become a preeminent supplier of raw pet food products to meet the growing needs of discerning pet owners in British Columbia.

Organic Beef Bones and Free-Range Bison Bones

Bones from organic beef and free-range bison or buffalo are among our most popular raw diet pet food products. Also popular are our free-run, unmedicated chicken carcasses.

Cubed Chunks or Ground Meat Options

To meet the growing demand for high quality pet nutrition foods, our company offers one-pound packages of ground or cubed chunks of the following meat products:

  • Organic Beef
  • Bison
  • Venison
  • Elk
  • Turkey
  • Ostrich
  • Kangaroo

Buying Tip

If you’re looking for high-quality, raw pet food meat at an economical price, then look no further than our wild-harvest kangaroo meat, which has begun to outshine all the other proteins. Why? Because it’s the most natural lean protein available, has the least carbon footprint, and is the most economically priced!