Cornish Game Hens

Certified Organic Cornish Game Hens

Certified Organic Cornish Game Hens

We also stock conventional game hens for more price-sensitive buyers.

Game Hens are sometimes referred to as “Petite Chicken” or “Poussin.”

The Rock Cornish game hen that has become so popular over the past 40 years sprang into being in 1965 when chicken baron Donald John Tyson of Tyson Foods, Inc. cross-bred White Rock hens and Cornish hens. His goal was to create an upscale specialty poultry item to appeal to the gourmands. Despite the blatant marketing ploy, the end result is a deliciously personalized parcel of poultry with most birds weighing between one and two pounds.

The meat-to-bone ratio is quite small, making one game hen an ideal serving for most people. If the bird is the word, one piece is fine, but combined with other courses or side dishes, consider half a hen per head. Since the bones are not strong, splitting the birds before cooking is done with ease. There is a slight sweetness to the meat, but that aside, anything that you think works well with chicken will make for a happy hen.

Prep Tips

As with other game birds, roasting is the cooking method of choice, although a bit of braising and sauteeing will achieve great results as well. For additional flavour, work in a glaze and stuff the cavity to create singular creations – just make sure to keep the giblets for a spot of gravy!