Specialty Duck

Specialty Duck

Specialty Duck

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Local Pekin Duck – Breast (boneless, skin on, drum on), Breast (double, on bone), Legs (boneless, skin on), Legs (bone in), Hot Smoked Whole Duck, Hot Smoked Duck Breast, Trim (lean meat), Bones, Fat, Livers, Wentzel Duck – Whole Grade A Ducks, Legs (back attached), Boneless Breasts.

Moulard Duck (Muscovy Pekin Cross for Foie Gras production) Whole Ducks or Hens, Breasts (male, boneless, skin on), Breasts (Female, boneless, skin on, drum on), Cold Smoked Breast (boneless, skin on)

Muscovy Duck – (Barbarie Duck)

Foie Gras Specialties – Fresh or Frozen (full lobe and portioned), Torchon, Foie Gras Pate, Foie Gras Mousse with Port.

Prep Tips

The primary challenge in cooking duck is contending with the thicker layer of fat lying between the skin and the body. The key to delicious duck is unlocking the flavor potential of this fat. One way of cooking the perfect breast is to score the skin every half inch in a cross-hatch pattern making sure to penetrate the fat. When cooking, the trick is to keep the breast skin-side down for the most part and allowing the combination of lower heat and a slightly longer frying time to produce a finished product that is crispy on the outside and cooked to juicy perfection within.