Mipkuzola (Currently Not Available)


Mipkuzola (Sorry, currently not available)

“Mipku” means “Dried Meat” in the Inuvialuktun language of the Inuvialuit (Eskimo) people of the Western Arctic region of Canada’s Northern Territory. The “Zola” sound was taken from Bresaola the famous Italian dried beef, which is a similar style of preparation used to create this unique Canadian delicacy. “Wild” Arctic Muskox meat from the Federal Inspected Harvest in the Northwest Territories. The tiny village of Sachs Harbour on the southern coast of Banks Island, a few hundred miles from the magnetic north pole, lives a population of just over a hundred Inuvialuit. Banks Island is also home to nearly 100,000 wild Arctic muskox. Can there be a more natural source of protein anywhere?

Prep Tips

Slice paper thin and serve in the traditional style of an Italian Bresaola. Simply put on a fresh slice of crusty bread (baguette) a little splash of fresh lemon, a twist of cracked black pepper, finish with a drizzle of fine quality extra virgin olive oil and serve. A truly wild appetizer or a terrific accompaniment to a healthy salad or antipasto platter.