Wild Outback Camel

Wild Outback Camel

Wild Outback Camel

Camel Meat from the heart of Australia is full of flavour, lean and tender.

Camel meat is popular in Asian cuisine, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking includes this natural protein in curries cooked with fruit and spices, as well as, traditional European dishes such as Roasts, Steaks, Sausages and Burgers.

Select Cuts

Striploin, Rump, Ground, Burgers (4 oz) and Trim.

Prep Tips

Camel roams wild in the outback so it is a well travelled beast and requires a little finesse when approaching the cooking of the meat. It is quite common to marinate the cuts, but not necessary. Braising works very well on camel. With a little experimentation and practice you will find a steak off the striploin can be a very pleasant dining experience. The burgers are cooked like any other burger and is very mild in flavor, somewhat close to beef.

Find out more about Australian camel at www.camelsaust.com.au