Alligator - Louisiana's Finest

SPECIAL NOTE: (Alligator Currently Not Available – Suggest Crocodile As Alternative)

Alligator tail is an incredibly tender white meat, comparable to veal in texture. Meat from the body of the Alligator is a bit darker, richer and lends itself to slow cooking with a texture more akin to pork shoulder. An undeniably wild protein, the taste of alligator meat is surprisingly tame and depending upon preparation will most closely compare to chicken and rabbit.

Select Cuts

Sirloin – whitest cut of meat, tender, delicately flavoured and versatile, comes from the tail next to the tenderloin. Tenderloin – white meat, tender cut, located next to the tailbone and spinal column. Medallions – more tender than tenderloin, cut from the neck area, this is the connoisseur cut. Leg & Body Meat – ruby red, often used as turtle meat substitute, excellent in gumbos and stews. Ground, Burgers, Sausage.

Prep Tips

Marinate the alligator cuts before cooking to render it tender and add flavour, but stick with a mild marinade so that the meat’s essential flavour is not lost.