Venison (Red Deer & Fallow)

Venison - Red Deer & Fallow

Venison (Red Deer & Fallow)

As an extra lean red meat with excellent taste and texture, venison is popular with chefs and home cooks alike. Venison is distinguished by its milder flavour and versatility. Both varieties of venison are typically available.

Select Cuts

Whole Carcass, Saddle (on bone), Half Saddle, Striploin, Tenderloin, Cap On, Racks – Frenched/Long Bone, Loin (on bone, chine bone-off), T-Bone Chops, Loin Chops, Loin Bone-in Chops, Denver Hind Leg (on bone, shank off), Hind Leg (boneless), Shoulder (on bone, shank off), Shoulder (boneless, netted), Ribs, Neck, Escalopes, Osso Bucco, Shanks Whole (trimmed/untrimmed), Stew Meat, Ground & Burgers, Venison, Orange & Fennel Sausages.

Prep Tips

Venison is best enjoyed served rare or slightly pink. Marinating is not necessary, but if you want to dress it up, keep the flavours subtle and don’t slather it on until you are ready to cook or you will mask the flavour of the meat. Looking for the right spices? Try rosemary, juniper or peppercorns, but don’t be shy of pairing with fruit, either. Cherries, kiwi and wild berries work extremely well with a wide range of game meats.