Farmed Game Recipes

A few of our delicious Farmed Game Recipes prepared by some of Canada’s top chefs.

Recipe - Oven-Braised Venison Ragout

Recipe: Oven Braised Venison Ragout
Since venison is a lean meat, the addition of meatballs is a good way to add juiciness and another texture…
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Recipe - Roast BC Bison Tenderloin

Recipe: Roast BC Bison Tenderloin
Bison is becoming an increasingly popular meat choice for many reasons: it is naturally raised, rich, tender, sweetly flavourful, lean and low fat.
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Recipe - Roasted Nicola Valley Fallow Venison

Recipe: Roasted Nicola Valley Fallow Venison
Due to the lack of inner muscle fat on venison, it should be served rare for optimum tenderness. The chocolate adds a depth to the sauce…
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Recipe - Smoked Cheddar Bison Burgers

Recipe: Smoked Cheddar Bison Burgers
Bison meat is leaner and significantly lower in cholesterol than beef, so your guests will forgive you should you get lavish with…
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