Wild Game Recipes

A few of our delicious Wild Game Recipes prepared by some of Canada’s top chefs.

Rooloin à la Hawksworth Recipe

Recipe: Rooloin à la Hawksworth
An incredible pan-seared kangaroo loin recipe that utilizes caramelised cocoa nibs, a red wine jus, quince paste, broccoli puree, roasted sunchokes, rapini…
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Spiced Kangaroo Rooloin Recipe

Recipe: Spiced Kangaroo Rooloin
A delicious Kangaroo loin meat recipe that uses tarragon-scented potatoes and a shallot red wine sauce to create a truly irresistible culinary wonder!
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Roasted Kangaroo Short Loin Recipe

Recipe: Roasted Kangaroo Short Loin
A roasted kangaroo short loin recipe that uses a macadamia nut herb crust, Canadian winter hash and sour Australian mango chutney in a Shiraz red wine reduction.
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Recipe - Poached Python Steaks

Recipe: Poached Python Steaks
Poached Python Steaks with Curried Garlic and Lemon Grass Sauce
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Recipe - Roast Camel Filet

Recipe: Roast Camel Filet
Roast Camel Fillet With Morrocan Cous Cous and Red Wine
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